The English Connection NL was founded by Tory Almond in 2016 after realizing multicultural-international youth in Amsterdam and throughout Europe were looking for ways to connect with others who understood them and people who could help them integrate into their new “home.” TEC-NL was born out of the desire to help these youth and other people who work with youth meet these needs.

Who is Tory Almond?

Tory began working with International/English speaking youth in Amsterdam in 2011 as the youth leader at Crossroads International Church. During this time he noticed the need many of the international youth had for a place of belonging and community. His heart and passion for helping these youth feel at “home” pushed him to pursue ways to help them and other people working with youth. Since partnering up with CM Connect, his role has expanded beyond just organizing events in Amsterdam to providing training and activities throughout Europe.

Before moving to the Netherlands, Tory worked with youth in a variety of capacities. He coached recreational and competition gymnastics for over fourteen years in Greenville, SC and has recently began coaching again in the Netherlands. He’s also used his skills as a photographer and done photography work for various organizations, newspapers, and businesses. Tory has also lead a children’s worship team, multiple small groups, and various childcare activities over the years.

People who work with Tory call him the “fun factor.” He’s got a natural ability to work with youth and families and looks forward to continue working with the youth and other youth leaders throughout Europe.