Youth Event/Party Entertainment

Over the years of working with youth and planning fun events and activities for other organizations, parents have started asking if I do this for individuals. Since there’s a need, I’ve officially decided to organize activities, games, and entertainment for individual parties. All different types of options are available – indoor, outdoor, messy, crazy, you name it. For info about how we can liven up your party, please contact me.


Each month we work with XRDS International Church to help host an international gathering of 9-14 year old English speaking youth. FUSE provides a place of community and friendship for multi-cultural youth in the Amsterdam/Amstelveen area. Some previous events we’ve hosted include climbing, swimming, game nights, laser gaming, and canoeing. For more info about FUSE and our events, please contact us.


Due to the success of the FUSE group and teens aging out of it, we are launching FUSE+ for the 14-18 multi-cultural teens in the Amsterdam/Amstelveen area. This group will focus on monthly events catering more to the older teens. For more info about FUSE+ and our events, please contact us.

English Day Camp 2018

This year’s English Camp went off well. Over three days we canoed, biked, swam, played and ate our way around Amstelveen and the Amsterdamse Bos. 45 youth from more than 10 countries attended, double the size from the 2017 camp! Plans will begin soon for the English Camp 2019. Check back the first quarter of 2019 for more info.

Fun Fridays

In the past few years we’ve organized events for young people during August on Fridays for those not away on holiday. We’ve done things such as host movie and game nights, gone canoeing, played messy games, and swam at a local swimming pool. This August we look forward to doing some more fun and exciting events to help cure the “I’m bored” syndrome suffered by many young people during the summer. Contact us for info about this year’s events.

CM Conference EU 2018

This year’s conference went off well! It was a great time sharing with others about working with multi-cultural youth. Was also nice getting away and spending time with others working with young people. Looking forward to 2019’s conference!