The English Connect NL operates on donations and also earnings from training, events, and coaching. There are several ways you can be a part of making a difference in the lives of young people and families in Amsterdam and throughout Europe.

There’s a general budget needed to meet basic cost of living and operation costs. The current budget is around $35,000 a year of which 71% is currently provided for. With more training, coaching, and event planning opportunities coming up in the coming years, we’d like to get the budget up to at least $40,000.

Sponsorship from the United States

Through my partnership with CM Connect, I am able to receive tax-deductible funds in the US through the 501c3.

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Sponsorship from the Netherlands

At the moment, there is no tax deductible option in the Netherlands. If enough funds begin coming in, CM Connect, a group of individuals, and myself will be looking into starting a stichting for the youth programs which would make it easier to accepts funds and goods for the different events. Until then people can directly donate through my business account.

The English Connection NL
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