Culture/Reverse Culture Shock Classes for Youth and Families

The English Connection NL wants to help families transition into their new or old home as easily as possible. Moving to a new place brings all types of excitement as well as uncertainty. Moving back to a familiar place also brings new feelings and unexpected emotions. Culture and reverse culture shock is difficult for adults, but often even more so for young people.

With over five years of experience dealing with transitioning youth and families, as well as his own personal experience dealing with culture and reverse culture shock, Tory Almond offers courses to help families and young people through their transition into a new or back to a familiar location.

Training for Youth Workers and Organizations

Having an undergraduate degree in Youth Ministry and over 15 years of experience working with a wide range of youth and families, Tory Almond offers a wealth of knowledge to help other youth leaders and organizations. Partnering with CM Connect provides Tory with even more resources and leaders to help under resourced organizations and churches become better at what they do.

Hourly, daily, and weekend sessions are available for training. In 2018, CM Connect and TEC-NL plans to offer a conference in Europe to help encourage and train youth and children’s leaders.